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All this, in turn, helped him become a keen observer and a core

problem finder. As he says, 'A problem well-found is problem half solved.' 

The solution to the biggest problem would mostly be something really small and subtle. SOMETHING DFRONT.

This is why he found dfront to help people find solutions to their unrecognised/ misrecognised problems.

As he believes that people who think dfront, are the one who stands in the front.




Tall Guy with taller tales


Prateeik was born and brought up amongst villagers in a small village of India. He has always had a dfront way of looking at things and problems related to it. Partly because of his upbringing close to nature and partly because of the simple foundational way of problem-solving that villagers had and nowadays people don't.


His special interest in stories has made him hitchhike through thousands of lives of people, cultures and events. Which fulfils his hunger for stories & anthropological studies. (1)_edited.png



Get dfront, get noticed.


With the market becoming increasingly noisy, it's becoming harder and harder to get people to notice you. With thousands of brands offering the same things with little change, what gets you noticed is how you differentiate from them.


Once you get their attention, which is crucial. Retaining it is your next goal, which is even harder. With fantastic branding made with a powerful purpose, makes it unforgettable.

Think globally, Act locally.


Our mission is to change the way brands look at themselves so that others will change the way they look at those brands.


Because it's not about changing your brand,

it's about changing the world through your brand.

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IMG_9648-01 (1).png




Solving the unsolved by seeing the unseen.


The key to building anything great lies in the fundamental principals that it's built upon. Going into the roots of the problem get's us to find the best, most effective solutions that take the least input to reward with maximum output.


We not only listen to your requirement but also go deeper to find if that is the solution of the actual problem you are facing. Then give you the best design & strategic solution to help you achieve your next big milestone. 

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