• Prateeik Prajapati

Why to brand?

Updated: Jul 6, 2019

I have a business, It gives me revenue, why do I need to Brand it?

Well, If you think you need it, or you think you don't, either way you are right.

Because it not only depends on your business potential, but also on your will to grow it.

Brand is for you and your company first before it is for the customer and the audience. If you yourself don't know your brand's character, it will be hell of a hard thing to make business decisions. All the decisions made will be directionless and vague.

What brand strategy can give you first is CLARITY. Which I think is the foremost thing you need to do anything successfully in your life. Without clarity of Goal, mission, and a clear vision, it's you just kicking around your business ball in a ground without any goal post.

Until and unless you are not clear about, which direction you need to kick your ball to get to the desired goal, all your efforts will be nearly useless.

A person with a clear vision and values is the one who is fastest to move. Think about your brand as a personality on a mission. Brand with clear strategy will be driven with nonstop motivation.