Client :

Film Student Co. 

Sector :

Educational Platform 

Year :

April 2019

Based :

Los Angeles,

United States of America

Disciplines :

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Print Design

Social Design

A decade ago when we wanted to learn something, we needed to find and approach the master. Today the internet has provided us with the facility to get to the person without leaving the room. We bring you the best of the people from the industry and from schools to share with you their unshared experiences and lessons they've learnt from it.

The internet is a mountain, youtube is a hill on it and you need a cave shelter to learn what you desire as a film student. We've brought you just that. Carefully chosen people from all walks of the film industry. Directors, producers, writer, actors, marketers, artists and all those ant-small and elephant-big contributors in the industry. Everybody has something to share with you.

And the Film Student aims to bring all of them to you. 

Concrete bricks house,

Learning bricks career,

Decision bricks life.

So the bricks are chosen as the foundational element of the

Film-Student too.

Artboard 1 copy 10.jpg

Building up the core concept

Core concept built around bricks is

designed with precise shapes and grids to keep the design perfectly balanced and composition to be eye pleasing.

Exploring the typefaces

We have tried and tested the best of typefaces from our premium  collection of the bold and simple typefaces.

Artboard 1 copy 2.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 9.jpg

Customizing the typeface for Logo

For the type based logo, we customised the typeface's structure for the Film Student to be firm and perfectly balanced. 

Artboard 1 copy 7.jpg
Artboard 1 copy.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 3.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 5.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 4.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 5.jpg
Artboard 4.jpg
Stan lee young.jpg

Life stories of and from the people who have changed the world with their dedication towards their passion.

Tales of them breaking, falling, trying, losing and most importantly LEARNING.

Learning has no age.jpg
Learning 2.jpg
stephane-yaich-645498-unsplash f.jpg

You never know whose advice will change your life for the better. No work is small and No advice is useless.


Stories and life lessons that professionals have learnt from the fieldwork.

Lessons that are most practical and some cases most savage.

patrick-fore-381200-unsplash 3.jpg
Rubber Stamp  MockUp 2.jpg
Spot UV Logo MockUp.jpg

Learn, Apply, Film, Repeat

Designed by

Prateeik Prajapati

Photographs by

Austin Neil, Jakob Owens, Jason Rosewell,

Stephen Yaich, Tiago Muraro, Patrick Fore